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Every meeting has a different theme. Already we have had a "seance de spiritisme" and in an atmosphere of crystal balls and weird noises, we recalled some great spirits of French history. We sang traditional French love songs, French Canadian "habitant" songs, currently popular French songs, and for the Christmas meeting, many French "chansons". For our Christmas meeting we had a play, "The Long Christmas Dinner". to bring out hidden literary and imaginative talent we had each table write a short romance, and then as an incentive to further their ambitions, rewarded them with a prize. So you see, we do appreciate whatever effort anyone may offer to help the Club.

And we will certainly need and appreciate your help and support in the future. We hope to have many more interesting meetings for you, and have planned a special Mardi Gras Dance.

Supporting us this year from the staff, are Miss Shannon and Mr. Schutz. Our former staff advisor, Mr. Hall has taken to teaching "la bella langue" to eager little natives in Borneo. We regret his leaving but welcome Mr. Schutz and Miss Shannon as replacements. Many thanks to them for their guidance and many thanks to Jarvis natives for your loyal support in the past, and I sincerely hope, in the future.

- - Taida Ibergs, 13E

Voulez-vous cha cha avec moi?                                  La belle Jeanne d'Arc