Encore un verre de vin ....                  
La troupe de "Le Long Dîner de Noel"

Jusqu'à la fin je serai fidèle au Club Français ...............


This last year has never seen the addition of numerous new members to the crew, as it began to take on new and broader responsibilities, and move slowly away from obscurity. Its members now come from four grades in the school, and, as a rule, those of one grade are responsible for all the performances concerning that grade. This new efficiency, combined with experience and a general broadening of scope, has been the dominant aspect of this year's stage crew.

Most of last year's Grade 12 members have since found the pressure of Grade 13 too great to allow them time for the stage crew. However, three have remained, and although there are no performances of the 13s, they have been able to help out in many other ways.

Assistance of this sort comes from Pentti Haikonen, currently enjoying his fourth year on the crew. Pentti's specialty is the lighting board, which he handles (amongst other things) with great efficiency. This year, as last, his humour has enabled the crew to see some silver lining in what at times seemed dismal grey clouds. In his four years, Pentti has done much to shape the image of the crew and influence staff-crew relations.

On the opposite end of the personality scale is quiet, responsible Don Keel. His constant smile has given some the impression that he knows a lot more than he is telling, and his vigour and enthusiasm in doing some of the inconvenient, undesirable jobs has led some to believe that he actually enjoys doing them. Seriously though, Don's experience in the Signal Corps and the Physics Lab have been of great service to the crew, and his stabilizing influence has been felt by all.

The last of the 13s on the crew is Alf Yip. Alf, too, is continually smiling, with the same resulting impression. Ail hasn't had too much time for the crew this year, but nonetheless his Signals experience has enabled him to act as an authoritative source of information, as well as the best (and in some cases, the only) member able to fix the equipment.

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