All the Grade 13 members must be thanked for their contributions to the crew, and the rest of us wish them the best of luck in the following years.

Next in line are the Grade 12s, headed up by Stage Manager Jim Buckerfield. It's Jim's third year on the crew, and because of this experience he enjoys a seat on the executive of the French Club as stage crew adviser. As well as the French Club performances there are the Grade 12 lectures on MacBeth to be handled. These and the odd assembly constitute the program supervised by Jim.

Actually, especially in the latter categories, Jim receives more than ample help from Matti Ingerman, now in his first year on the crew. Matti picked up the routine in the Dimmer Room faster than anyone else within memory, perhaps because of his Signals experience and the fact that he has been an electronics bug for some time. Jim and Matti may often be found working as a team, two noteworthy products of which were the effective lighting for the Senior Commencement and the Jazz Assembly. Matti's experience and originality should provide more interesting variations in the auditorium in the remaining year.

Another active helper and rookie is Rick Seymour. Rick was the most anxious-to-join person to confront the Stage Crew in quite some time. Surprisingly enough, his enthusiasm for the unlauded toil didn't seem to be dampened at all by experience. (Verbal signs of discouragement were heard recently, however, when Rick found himself alone in the Dimmer Room, receiving orders from several people while trying to manipulate eighteen dimmers, sixty-odd switches, five volume controls, two telephones and one record player). But Rick's willing and capable assistance has been more than helpful in the past year, and we're hoping that most of the enthusiasm remains in the future.

Next are the Grade 11's who, due to small numbers, have found it necessary to become familiar with all the equipment. Hence there are no special jobs for each person to do, but rather everyone helps our where possible.

Gunthis Rozitis is the most experienced man amongst the 11's with two years under his belt. Working with him closely is Maris Zvejnieks, a first-year man. Neil Haist adds his effervescent humor to the group while John Yip is able to contribute his Signals experience to the general good.


Together they take care of the Grade 11 plays and some of our annual assemblies. With two more years ago they should be able to add to their already considerable experience.

Our thanks to Mr. Prior for his help in organization and increasing efficiency both within the crew and in relations with the staff.

Our thanks also to Mr. Crawford, who, in the short time that he has been at Jarvis, has contributed of his C.B.C. experience to the betterment of the crew. With the help of the staff, 1963-64 has been a year of improvement and expansion for the stage crew.

- - J.B., 12A