Sponsor ............... Mr. Haist
President .............. Sheldon Goldstein
Secretary-Treasurer ........ Andy Rubenls
Corresponding Secretary .. Rubin Friedman
Honorary President ..... Mr. Strachan
Vice-Presldent .... Peter Chen
Social Convenor ...... Marilyn Brazier
Librarian ..... Alfreda Semple
The Science Club, in its sixth year, proved again to be a very successful enterprise under the able sponsorship of Mr. Haist and the capable direction of an enthusiastic executive. At the first meeting of the Club, Mr. Strachan, our Honorary President, gave an informative lecture on "Sonic Boom" and at other meetings, we were enthralled and very often amused by the chemistry, criminology, physics, geophysics and psychology groups as they each presented a demonstration-lecture dealing with their respective fields. Our thanks go to Marilyn Brazier, our Social Convenor, and Eva Hoeberechts, her assistant, who provided the members with fortitude in the form of excellent cuisine at the various meetings.

The Club made frequent and diversified field trips to such places as the Chemical Engineering Open House at U. of T. where we were acquainted with the many different fields of engineering, and the Attorney General's Laboratory where we were given a tour through the various departments containing bottled human organs, firearms and crime detection apparatus. We spend an enjoyable evening at Mr. Seward's home, examining his mineral collection which is the biggest and best private collection in Canada, and watching Ernie Kowalchuk laboriously polish a gem for himself.

The Science Club sincerely thanks those individuals and firms who hosted them at their establishments. These were of great scientific interest to the Club members.

- - Sheldon Goldstein, 13A