To many, the I.S.C.F. Club is nothing more than another weekly announcement in the Magnet. But to those students who participate in I.S.C.F., it is a Club of primary importance.

The I.S.C.F. is an interdenominational club organized to stimulate Christian living, to build Christian character and to have fellowship with others. The fulfilment of its motto "To know Christ and to make Him known" is each member's goal and the motivating force in all our activities.

The I.S.C.F. has been active in affairs of a social nature as well as in spiritual matters. Those who attended our sports night will remember it for a long time.

The I.S.C.F. of Jarvis is not a local group but is part of an international organization, enjoying, from time to time, meetings and social activities with other I.S.C.F.'s Some of these activities were hayrides, sleighrides, sports nights, banquets and weekend camps.

Through our I.S.C.F. activities we feel that our discussions and efforts have been enriched by a deeper realization of the presence of our Lord.

The Executive wishes to thank our sponsors, Mr. Fraser and Mrs. Lowry, who have given much of their time to help direct the Club.

- - Jenny McEwen, lOA
- - Missionary Secretary - Fred Bowser
Sponsors ....... Mr. Fraser, Mrs. Lowry
President ...... Jenny McEwen
Vice-President ...... Dave Ostrovsky
Secretary and Treasurer .... Raymond Vanderlinden