Early in the morning he
Looks to the skies: the
Great Spirit moves upon
The face of these heavens, and
There is light on this
First day of Creation.

Day is breaking its ancient carapace, and
The newborn Earth, which,
In its white mantle of light
It covered a hundred thousand years ago, is
Sent forth anew;
Sent on its pilgrimage
Among the stars.

He turns from the rainpool and
Looks to the skies: the
Day is over, and evening has come
And the clouds are gathering ...

Now in marching and
Countermarching; in
Combat united and
Retreating again.
The Battle and the Chase ...

Late in the Evening he
Looks to the skies: the
Day is over, and,
Its energy spent.

Michael Szirtes



  Honestly, if a girl wanted a little excitement for a change she could have picked an easier way of getting it, but Nikky wasn't going to get it the easy way on a speedy roller coaster. She was determined that this one thrill was going to last her all her life. So in and under she went crawling on her hands and knees until she was sure she was well hidden in the crates. There she was to wait until the guards left for the night. She was beginning to think that she would suffocate in such a stuffy area, when she heard the banging of the huge front doors. That meant that now the wax museum was empty.

  You may think it rather funny being alone in a wax museum at night, dim lights here and there, but it isn't. You may turn around, bump into something or someone, look up and see the face of Jack the Ripper or one of the horrid creatures. Nikky climbed out of her hiding place and quietly tip-toed across the floor to the main gallery. She slowly looked around, seeing the stately figures of Victoria, Elizabeth and others. She had planned just to peek around, touch some of the wax dummies, something which you weren't allowed to do when the guards were around, and then return to her hiding place to sleep till morning. Nothing had happened so far so she headed back. You know how big museums are and how sometimes you can hear things in big places, well just as Nikky was crawling into her hiding place she started to hear footsteps of some sort, somewhere in the building. She crawled in faster and listened for them; suddenly they were in the same hall as she was. They passed through and then on to another gallery.

  Nikky woke the next morning as she heard the guards coming in. She waited until some more people came in and skipped out to the main gallery pretending that she was just another visitor to the wax museum. At the door a guard was talking to an important looking man. She heard as she passed by that someone had robbed the museum vault late last night. Could the footsteps she had heard have been that of the thief?

  She left the building having had some of the excitement that she had come for. But who knows, a kid like Nikky will always try some foolish stunt again. What will it be next time?

Linda Haines


Lost somewhere
amid this gulfing force
-- Helpless -- am I
falling downwards am I
against this which pulls at my soul

Jarquie Abrams [sic]
[Gunthis Rozitus, Jacquie Abrams]