Photography 2nd    "Before the Wind"
    Walter Murk

- Photography, Honourable Mention
 "Fall - Allan Gardens"     John Chrzan
WHAT are we instigating here?

For what then do we instigate here?
Hope we surely to replenish the barren
fields of Hypocrisy - and establish a
Do we have a chance a prayer
or even a hope?
Let's see! let's try it out
work it first then come to
the conclusion
perhaps we will eventually
come to an answer,
a solution to our various probings
and questionings, with which we may
seem to prick ourselves
Oh, it's a tough tough rat race
(ESPECIALLY if you're a perfectionist)
But a peculiar thrill there is. Perhaps
some insight some understanding.
It's the acid-test too;
one could sometimes weep.
But some satisfaction there is;
a peculiar but good strong satisfaction
even the glory of failure -
the glory of the effort is great -
or nothing.

John Chrzan


small boy, stick in hand,
standing beneath the bluff.
and who is this little dot
below me? Lawrence of Arabia?
Marco Polo? Or just some
soldier conquering unknown land.
(It doesn't really matter that your
mother sent you out
so she could sleep)
           for now,
this one small spot,
with morning sun and mid-day stillness,
is yours and mine.

One is born; will he feel,
Will he live, will he be.
Will he open his eyes,
Will he hear, will he see?
Or will he go through life as so many do -
Blind and numb and dead?
Will he be what he wants,
Will he want what he is?
Will he beat a new path,
Or follow the cold?

Will he master himself,
Or his self master him?
Will he be free of bonds,
Or burdened with life?
Will he live for life's sake
Or, because he was born?

Francesca Phillimoni