The main aims of the Student Council are to provide a representative body of students to act, subject to the authority of the principal and staff, in certain extra curricular matters pertaining to the school, to promote the efficiency of all school activities, to encourage and maintain good school spirit and to advance in all ways the best interest of the school.

Elections were held in May of last year, and the newly elected Council immediately began its task of fulfilling its objectives. Committees were set up a week later so that preparations for this year's school events could be organized during the summer. Following, are the heads of these committees: Dance Committee: Co-chairmen, Sandra Clark and Peter Moore; School Spirit Committee: Co-chairmen, Anne Onu and Ian Hickson; Publicity Committee: Chairman, Jane Farquharson; At-Home Committee: Chairman, Sue Birtch; Grade 9 Election Committee: Chairman, Ken Ohtake; Social and Welfare Committee; chairman Doug Neave.

The first day of school saw the opening of the Council's Book Exchange which helped many students during a last minute rush for text books. Our first dance was held on the first Friday of the new year and was provided with live entertainment as were the majority of this year's dances. In preparation for the approaching football season, the school spirit committee began selling items such as shakers, beanies, and ribbons to help the school fans. Buses were also provided for the games. The publicity committee kept the students well informed of dates for games throughout the year.

In late October the grade nine elections were held and Lynn Purviss and Mike Davies were elected as grade nine representatives.
Under the Social and Welfare committee, a two week United Appeal campaign was organized. The students of Jarvis responded tremendously and almost fourteen hundred dollars were raised during this short period. The Council decided to run a Christmas Project to aid the less fortunate in the general area around the school. Once again the students of Jarvis supported the Council. As a result, within six days, eight car loads of wrapped gifts were presented to a local Welfare agency in the school's name. Christmas cards bearing the school's emblem and John F. Kennedy Albums were sold during the last week of school before Christmas. During January, orders were taken for school rings and insignia and athletic bags.

The At-Home dance was held early in February and as usual was extremely successful and enjoyable.

At the time of this writing the Council is preparing a scrap-book of all sports and social events throughout the year to be displayed in the rotunda during the last weeks of school.

As an extra project the Council is preparing for an upper school banquet for grades twelve and thirteen to be scheduled for late this year or early next September.

The Student Council this year, as this report indicates, has accomplished a great deal, much more than most students realize. The Council would like to thank all those students who helped make many of the projects successful and would especially like to thank Mr. Clark for his patience, valuable service, and advice throughout the year.

Hal Martin 13B

This is only the second year of existence of this committee, formerly known os the Girls' Club. However, it made quite a name for Jarvis during the United Appeal campaign.

As in almost every other secondary school in Toronto, the main function of the Social and Welfare Committee is the United Appeal campaign and this year Jarvis' was exceptional.

Last year's contribution of $650, which almost tripled the amount of the previous year, was doubled this year.

We should all be tremendously proud of our participation in the campaign (you did help didn't you?). Maybe you only washed cars, shined shoes, carried books as a slave; or maybe you only baked cakes, bought tickets for movies, had your dandruff removed; or maybe you only participated in the Miss U-A Contest, saw an excellent satire of teachers or had your shoes shined again; or perhaps you were in 13 D and helped to raise $107.,
but don't feel inferior , everybody helped to make this one of the most successful campaigns ever at Jarvis with a final count reaching $1300. Your youthful enthusiasm was a factor which made us all feel proud to be Jarvisites.

Aside from the United Appeal campaign, this committee also handles the Red Cross chores under the brilliant leadership of Inge Mittel. The Chairman would like to thank Ruth Himsley for her aid, and also each class representative who assisted the committee. He would also like to congratulate Joyce Rowlands for winning the Miss United Appeal Contest, and Sue Birtch as her runner-up.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Douglas Neave, 12 D