President ............. George Dimou
Vice-President ........ Matti Ingerman
Secretary- Treasurer ... John Chrzan
Corresponding Secretary .. Eunice Jackson
Social Convener ........ Joan Robertson
Librarian ............ June Wilson
Sponsor .......... Mr. Goberis

The Jarvis Science Club began its seventh year quite suitably and symbolically with a lecture and demonstration by the Psychology Group. But for the rest of the year, superstitions were swept aside as the members of this year's club enjoyed exploring many different aspects of science and technology. The club alternated its meetings with tours, and our first out-trip was to the Attorney-General's Crime Laboratories. With a minimum of hard work, the members had a chance to gain new insights into other fields of science apart from the ones they specifically were interested in as we went on to visit the Banting Institute, the Bell Telephone, and the Nuclear Reactor at MacMaster University. The Science Club also had several opportunities this year to "show its stuff" before the outside world. In one of these, the Club was able to enjoy itself immensely while giving the grade nine students a preview of what science is all about in high school. Other highlights of the year included several films ranging from "the Photo-Electric Effect" (followed by an explanatory lecture by Mr. Fraser), to the "Polar Continental Shelf", and we were even treated to an illustrated travelogue to the top of Borneo's highest mountain with our new sponsor, Mr. Goberis.

All the members of this year's club would like to sincerely thank the former sponsor of the club, Mr. Haist, for the guidance he enthusiastically provided, and welcome our new sponsor, Mr. Goberis.

George Dimou