Music developed greatly at J.C.I. in '65. The bands, choirs and folksingers all grew in number. The Senior Band was recognized this year, with the winning of first prize in the Kiwanis Festival, as one of Toronto's best bands. As was proven, clothes don't make the man, but nevertheless, this "Best Band" was in dire need of uniforms, for which they had been saving pennies, for a long time. This year's penny drive was a Hootenanny which included folk-singing, a dance band contest and a Beatle contest. This was a success, and thus we saw those wonderful uniforms arrive with the March winds. Now we can only hope that our successors in music will continue to sit on the top rung of the ladder of success.

Mall Parn, 12B

  The winning of a first prize at the Kiwanis Festival last spring was the climax to a year of hard work for the Choir; but there was still time for plenty of fun.
  At Music Night last spring, the Choir sang a set of negro spirituals, as well as the songs they sang at the Kiwanis.
  The Choir has already sung at several Assemblies this year, the best being the Christmas and the Remembrance Day Service Assemblies.
  This year, in January, the Choir participated as part of a mass Choir at Massey Hall.
  The Choir has entered the Kiwanis Festival again this year, and hopes to win a first prize.
  The Choir wishes to thank Mr. Murray for his endless time and patience.

Dena Stringer, 11G