JUNIOR BAND Photograph
Each year the grade IX band assembles soon after the Christmas holidays. Most of the grade IX students have only been playing since September and thus are not very advanced musicians. The chief aim of this band is to let the beginners practise and learn to play well together. At first easy numbers such as "Shadowland Waltz", "Easy Steps March" and various selections from the "Top Flight" band folio are played. As the band progresses rapidly the numbers get more difficult and soon the Junior Band is playing, "Junior Band March", "Forever and Ever" and "Spring Fever Overture." In 1964 the grade IX band played at Lord Dufferin Public School, at several assemblies and of course it led off the Music Night, in April. The appearances before an audience helped to build more confidence in each individual.

The fifty or more band members looked forward to the two weekly rehearsals at which Mr. Chandler patiently tried to encourage everyone to play together. I feel that all members of the grade IX band would like to thank Mr. Chandler for his unceasing efforts to produce a good group of musicians.

George Hewson, 10E
GRADE 10 BAND Photograph

Front Row: A. Chow, J. Sclanders, J. Weyman, M. Ibergs, J. Adams, B. Kemp, D. McWain, A. del Junco, 0. Bertin, J. Rowland, G. Hewson, T. Murphy, B. Salter. 2nd Row: R. Marks, L. Wilson, F. Hambleton, J. Ginsberg, V. Koivusalo, A. Chin, Mr. Chandler, S. Rydall, M. Podstawka, C. Quan, A. Auburn, J. Tunnell, A. Suvitie, B. Vasilow. 3rd Row: J. Bertin, S. Anderson, J. Grieg, D. Salter, F. Plisterman, T. Linderoos, B. Barbeau, P. Rich, D. Petallia, D. Niemitz, A. Livins, F. Bowser. 4th Row: N. Adams, A. Voros, D. Lee, D. Koverko, I. Wysoki, D. Hickson, D. Blackwell, D. Humen, G. McLellan, P. Kelley.

Each year, Mr. Diachun leads the Grade 10 band. This band provides a chance for interested students to learn to play and perform concert and popular music. The big event in the musical life at J.C.I. every year is, of course, "Music Night". The grade 10 band plays a prominent part in this affair and reveals to parents and students alike the progress made over the past year.

Fergus Hambleton, 10E