Jarvis' Dance Band continued to grow this year and since it was implemented by most of last year's "professionals", gained much needed experience in the complex field of dance band musicianship. Though hardly competition (just you wait!) for the sounds of Basie and Ellington, the Dance Band is more than "instrumental" in the Jarvis music programme. Commitments for the '64-'65 season included the Commencement farewell dance, various sock hops and, of course, the annual Music Night.

The greatly expanded music library includes many diversified types of music: bossa nova, waltz, cha cha, blues, beguine, traditional and up-tempo, as evidenced by such pieces as
Sentimental Journey, Harlem Nocturne and One-Note Samba.

The guys and gals of the group "faithfully" rehearse each Friday morning and whenever they feel the necessity of extra practice. Through the Dance Band each individual finds a great feeling of self-satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Certainly each member is in it for the pure joy and the continual improvement of his or her musical aptitude. And, oh yes, we must not forget that gentleman in the background grinding his teeth and furiously snapping his fingers - our Big Daddy, Mr. Chandler, who plays a "small" part in the success of the Jarvis Dance Band.

John Lum, 12B

Vocal music became a part of our school curriculum in 1963. Since then as a result of the tireless efforts of our teacher, Mr. Diachun, it has been a successful part of our school year. The ultimate goal of vocal music has been to improve the voices of the students, and to add to their background in music. To do so, Mr. Diachun has taken us to the O'Keefe Centre to see and hear an Opera, which, for most of us, was our first. We also sang with other Secondary Schools at Massey Hall.

Our work in the classroom consists of singing popular songs, negro spirituals, and folk songs with guitar accompaniment.

I hope that the vocal music classes will continue to remain an important part of J.C.I. activities.

Anne Johnson, 11-G

Each Monday a group of students gathered in the Portable with their instruments and under the baton of Mr. Chandler began their practice. From this beginning, we built up a repertoire ranging from light to heavy music and gave our performances at assemblies, commencement, Cadet Inspection, Music Night, the Kiwanis Festival, the Festival of Music at Massey Hall and numerous small competitions with North Toronto, Northern Secondary, Central Tech. and Jarvis. Our thanks go to Mr. Chandler for his capable leadership and patient efforts to make this year's Band a success.

Elle Ellerhein, 12B