With Christmas carols, Christmas trees, Santa Claus and mistletoe, Jarvisites joined in the Christmas festivities at a very romantically decorated "SNOW PALACE", usually known as the small gym. The gym was decorated in silver and blue with thousands and thousands (21000) of snowflakes fluttering down from the roof.

Special Christmas refreshments were served dur- ing the evening and Santa Claus even paid a visit.

Two of the luckiest Jarvisites who received presents from Santa were Heather Birtch and David Keeley. They were given two tickets to "My Fair Lady" and despite the fact Santa promised that he hadn't played favourites nobody believed him.

The "SNOW PALACE" was, without a doubt, the most successful Christmas dance Jarvis has ever had.

Photograph Friday, November 13, was all but an unlucky day for the Jarvis boys. This was the evening chosen for the annual "SADIE HAWKINS". The costumes at this dance were fantastic. Cleopatra was there in full force, surrounded by her numerous admirers. One of the most en- chanting Cleos of all was Ruthie Himsley who won the prize for the best girl's costume. The prize for the best boy's costume went to Rick Bisallion who came as the ugly half of "Beauty and the Beast". Jane Burgess wore the costume of a beautifully transformed Liza Doolittle.