The Magnet, 1965
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for spacing only The Magnet is the student yearbook of Jarvis Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Canada.
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This site provides electronic reproductions of the yearbooks for 1963 through 1965.
The Magnet 1963 The Magnet 1964 The Magnet 1965
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Jarvis Collegiate Institute
Toronto, Canada

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  · High-Resolution Images Photographs in this site have been significantly compressed to fit the page layout.   However, high-resolution files for individual class pictures are available from the webmaster.   (If you'd like more than one image, please order the CD, below.)

A complete set of the 1963, 1964 and 1965 issues of The Magnet is available on CD, including:
  • All content from this Web version, plus
  • Higher-resolution (±950x500) image files for all class pictures.
To order, please contact the webmaster.
This site offers those Jarvisites who attended in the 60's, but have since lost their copies, an opportunity to revisit the Jarvis yearbooks of the period.

It's also an opportunity for the children (and grandchildren) of 60's Jarvisites to see what their parents looked like, six decades ago!

These reproductions include all the content of the original yearbooks, including the advertisements - interesting in their own right.

The reproductions approximate the layout of the originals within the constraints of a consistent page format for HTML coding purposes.

Some liberties have been taken with the format of advertisements (but not their content) in the interests of conserving bandwidth.
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        (1967 Magnet now online)

The Magnet 1907

An excerpt from the 1907 edition, commemorating the first 100 years of Jarvis history.

1.4 Meg, PDF format,
requires Adobe Reader

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